Concentration Area: Aquatic Ecology and Amazon Fishery Resources


Research Line: 

Aquatic Biodiversity

Focus on the study of different taxonomic groups that occupy the amazon aquatic ecosystems, its biological and ecological characteristics, as well as its life cycle. The studies will be able to yield subsidies that facilitate the enforcement of measures to preserve the aquatic ecosystems' biota. 


Research Line: 

Conservation and socio-environmental impact on Aquatic Ecosystems 

This research line intends to study ways to grant the conservation and preservation of Aquatic environment ecosystems’ functions. It also comprehends guidelines studies for management or environmental planning. 


Research Line: 

Ecology and Fishery Resource Management 

Focus on Fishery Resource studies, the research focused on its measurement to establish sustainability and exploitation stage in the long term, both for estuarine, marine, and freshwater ecosystem. As well as studies about social and political mechanism that promote fishery resources maintenance through formal or informal management procedures.