Biology and Amazon Aquatic Mammals Conservation - BioMA

Leader: Leonardo dos Santos Sena


Fishery Biology and Aquatic Resources Management

Leader:  Victoria Judith Isaac Nahum


Reproductive Biology of Aquatic Animals

Leader: Rossineide Martins da Rocha

Leader: Maria Auxiliadora Pantoja Ferreira


Biomarcadores de Poluição Aquática na Amazônia - BioPaq

Leader: Lílian Lund Amado


Ecological and Evolutionary Components Determinants in the structure of aquatic insects communities in Lotic Systems

Leader: Bruno Spacek Godoy



Leader: Leandro Juen 

Leader: Luciano Fogaça de Assis Montag


Humana Ecology, Environment and fishing in the Amazon

Leader: Voyner Ravena Cañete


GEMP – Study Group about Popular Open Markets

Leader: Voyner Ravena Cañete         

Leader: Carmem Izabel Rodrigues    


Group of Management Ecology and Fishery in the Amazon - GEMPA

Leader:  Victoria Judith Isaac Nahum


Nematoda Aquatic study group (GENAQ)

Leader:  Virag Venekey          


Interlacings Fishery Study Group - GEPE      

Leader: Tommaso Giarrizzo   

Leader:  Raphael Mariano Macieira


GPECA – Ecology of Amazon Crustaceans Research Group

Leader:  Jussara Moretto Martinelli-Lemos

Leader: Bianca Bentes da Silva


Lepidopterology and Integrated Ichthyology

Leader: Jonathan Stuart Ready          

Leader: Wilsea Maria Batista de Figueiredo Ready   


Modelo Gerencial da Pesca

Leader:  Victoria Judith Isaac Nahum 

Leader: Agnaldo Silva Martins